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Computer diagnostics service

Computerized Diagnostic

Vehicles nowadays are more attuned to smart electronics and computing power than all previous generations. Essentially every integral system in our vehicles is controlled by a micro-computer called module, whether it's Engine Control management, Automatic Transmission, Steering, Air conditioning, and many other significant systems. Many of these systems are interconnected on a network. Any fault in one system can affect the working integrity of other systems in the same network. If a fault occurs, a dedicated warning light will be illuminated on the dashboard to indicate the malfunction. At Aplus Auto House, our trained technician performs the task of accurately determining the actual cause of the warning light, and resolve the problem with the most affordable options available. We utilize the latest and up-to-date test equipment, tools and information to diagnose/repair the problem, and to restore the vehicle to its optimal running condition. We value your time and will do only the required job. Complex car issues are no longer a problem as we are just a call away from you.

Smog failure repair service

Smog Check and Repair

The Smog Check is required by the State of California for most gasoline and hybrid vehicles for registration renewal, title transfer, and out of state vehicle registration. Smog Check is undertaken in order to reduce and to minimize vehicular smog and pollution. Failure in Smog Check will require correction of the problem by Smog Check Test and Repair Station. After repair, vehicle will need to be re-tested to verify that failure has been correctly repaired. Aplus Auto House is a California Star-certified Smog Check station and you need not make any prior appointments for Smog Check. We perform Smog Check on cars and light trucks and pride ourselves in being the best and most trusted Service center in Hayward. We diagnose and repair the failure at best affordable prices. Avoid paying late fines and penalties to the DMV and get your vehicle checked now.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Factory Scheduled Maintenance

The regular maintenance of automobiles is required to ensure safety, reliability and longevity of a vehicle. With very few exception, many vehicles with regular maintenance can last up to 200,000 or more miles. It may seem like an unnecessary cost when nothing is apparently wrong with your vehicle, but proactive maintenance is an investment which will save your money in long run and prolong the life of your car. These scheduled maintenance is outlined in the vehicle’s owner manual which can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Scheduled maintenance is broadly bifurcated in minor and major brackets, which defines the maintenance intervals based on operating mileage and time. The minor service is typically performed every 5,000 to 12,000 miles or yearly. Whereas, the major service is performed every 60,000- 90,000 miles. Consult your vehicle owner manual for manufacturers' recommended maintenance intervals. At Aplus Auto House, we perform factory scheduled maintenance to keep the vehicle in optimal operating condition and make sure your car’s life is extended.

“Check Engine Light” Diagnosis and Repair

“Check Engine Light” Diagnosis and Repair

Vehicle these days are manufactured with advanced interconnected structure, which persistently monitor the performance of the system with its inherent computer. A check engine light warning on dashboard implies that the computer has sensed some signal from the system, which it cannot adjust. The warning sign could also signify a fuel, ignition or emission issues, for example a defective sensor, worn spark plugs, or engine malfunction. Such malfunction indicator light needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the problem as it will not repair itself.At Aplus Auto House, our trained technicians will accurately retrieve the check engine codes, diagnose the problem, and repair the fault.

Steering, Suspension and Alignment

Steering, Suspension and Alignment

Steering and suspension are critical safety system. Working in sync, these systems are designed to maintain vehicle’s stability, safe handling and comfortable ride. Suspension system is engineered to bear the weight of the vehicle under all riding condition. Suspension is recommended to be inspected annually, or more often, in accordance with the driving conditions. Steering system further helps the driver to remain control against whatever the road may bring. Wheel alignment is performed to ensure these systems are working properly. Prolonged tire life, precise steering, and better gas mileage are some benefit of correct steering and suspension. Our ASE certified technicians employ the latest equipment to diagnose/repair/align steering and suspension system. Get the problem solved quickly and affordably by visiting us in Hayward.

Brake and Safety

Brake and Safety

Braking and safety inspection should be performed every year. Braking system is the most significant safety feature in a vehicle. Brake repair is always the first in line on list of needed repairs at Aplus Auto House. Brake inspection encompasses brake linings, brake rotors, brake drums, hydraulic system such as master cylinder, wheel hydraulic components, hoses and fluid. If needed, any fault in Anti-Lock Braking System [ABS] will be diagnosed and repaired. Safety inspection includes vital fluid check, drive belt and filters. At Aplus Auto House, our trained technicians have expertise with all make and models and can perform complete brake and safety inspection timely to ensure safety and reliability of your vehicle.

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